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Biogena Omega 3 DHA & EPA 450 mg Vegan GOLD

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Biogena Omega 3 vegan DHA & EPA 450 GOLD is a highly dosed premium oil from Schizochytrium sp. The algae are cultivated in sustainable indoor culture and are then fermented. Through this method of production, the resources of the sea are preserved, and the fish stocks remain unaffected. So, with each capsule of Omega 3 vegan DHA & EPA 450 GOLD you not only make an important contribution to your health, but also take a decisive step towards sustainability and environmental protection.

Omega 3 vegan DHA & EPA 450 GOLD - the new benchmark for those who want to avoid animal products.

Additional Details

Ingredients DHA and EPA algae oil (docosahexaenoic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid), high oleic sunflower oil, modified corn starch, glycerin, carrageenan (Vegetable capsule shell).
Applications Sleep Mood & Cognitive Health, Heart & Metabolism



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