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Biogena OPC POLYMAX Formula

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OPC POLYMAX Formula is a blend from grape seed extract, grape extract, green tea extract, pomegranate extract and olive leaf extract. Grape seeds and grape skins in particular are regarded as excellent OPC sources. OPC POLYMAX Formula delivers a minimum of 30 mg OPC and 250 mg polyphenols per capsule. 

  • OPC provide excellent antioxidant protection, support endothelial integrity and healthy blood flow
  • Green tea extract provides antioxidant protection and supports cellular health
  • Pomegranate extract provides cellular support and promotes vascular health
  • Olive leaf extract supports the immune system

Additional Details

Ingredients Grape seed extract (containing polyphenols and OPC), grape skin & seed extract (containing polyphenols and OPC), green tea leaf extract (containing polyphenols), pomegranate hull extract (containing polyphenols), olive leaf extract (containing polyphenols).
Applications Gut Health, Muscles Bones & Joints, Stress Management



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