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Woman suffering from brain fog

brain health

What is Brain Fog?

Old man teaching his grandson to read

brain health

What Happens to the Brain as We Age?

The brain is an intricate organ that undergoes more changes throughout our lifetimes than any other organ. The development of our brains begins four weeks after conception and peaks in...

Man taking a nap to improve his cognitive function

brain health

Do Naps Help Cognitive Function?

Who doesnโ€™t love taking a quick nap? What if we could make naps better? Fortunately for all of us nap lovers, research shows that naps can help increase cognitive function...

Cognitive skills

brain health

What are Cognitive Skills?

Have you ever found yourself zoning out in the middle of a conversation or struggling to focus on a task? We all have. By improving our cognitive function, we can...

A healthy brain

brain health

6 Tips for a Healthy Brain

As the body ages, so does the brain. Cognitive decline and changes in mental function can seem overwhelming as experiences changes in our brain health. However, there are some things...

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